SSL Channel Maintenance

We like to keep the vintage SSL console in great condition, so regular maintenace is important. Here is a shot of a channel being tested using the channel card extender. The process can involve an oscilloscope,  a little soldering and the odd part such as an Op Amp being replaced. Oh and a little contact cleaner to keep the desk sounding great. This Channel has the 'Brown' EQ.

Don’t Blame Jack gets colour graded at Molinare and accepted for SQIFF.

Recently finished the audio mix on Dale John Allen’s new film – ‘Don’t Blame Jack’ which was sponsored by Superbia at Manchester Pride. Sounding great, not least because Morgan Wetherill did some great sound engineering work on set. The film was colour graded at Molinare (London) and has been accepted for screening at SQIFF. Good luck with the other film festivals. Here is a link to a preview interview with Dale:…/


Another Wanderlust Sound production gets radio play

Pleased to see Adam Fairhall’s work getting deservedly great reviews and airplay (BBC Radio 3 and Jazz FM). This album was mixed at Wanderlust Sound. Follow the link to the review –

Just a note on this quote from the review-

‘The excellence of the sound, an invisibly-produced blend of warm piano and subtle ambience, comes in part from fantastic instruments on the two nights from which the album’s selections are drawn: the Steinway at St Ann’s in Manchester and the Kawai at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle.’

We mixed this album at Wanderlust Sound and the studio’s SSL Console and Lexicon PCM70 vintage reverb contributed the other ‘part’ to the presentation of Adam’s great playing.