Analogue Summing Service-£40 per song

Analogue Summing Service

What is this?

This is a service where we add some classic SSL Analog warmth to your mix.

You submit your mixed multitrack in the form of stereo ‘stems’ with all your effects, EQ and other processing bounced. We will pass the 'stems' through our SSL 4000E console summing the 'stems' to a stereo file ready for mastering.

What is a 'stem'?

Typically, each stem will be a stereo bounce of instrument and effect groups e.g. Guitars, Vocals, Vocal FX Drums etc. (see pic below of a session which included 9 stereo stems which were summed to a stereo mix file for the client)


How to use this service:

Step 1- after completing your 'in the box' version of mix, group your tracks into instrument groups, vocal groups and FX groups with all the pan, fader, fx levels etc you set when you were mixing it. Picture below shows a Pro Tools mix which has 5 guitars (coloured red in picture)

Step 2. Bounce your instrument, vocals and FX groups to separate stereo files (stems). In the picture below we can see the 5 guitar tracks from the session above. The other tracks are hidden. The output of these 5 tracks 'Guitars summed' is the source for the stereo file (stem) which is about to be created.

Step 3: Send your bounced Stereo stems to Wanderlust Sound by your preferred file transfer provider (e.g. Drop Box). The picture below shows the stems bounced from the My Mix Pro Tools session shown above.

Here are some links to sound examples which demonstrate how the SSL sound might impact on your sounds or mix. Each extract has a before, SSL 4000E processed and SSL 4000E heavily processed version.

Why should I use this service?

Analogue summing can introduce some of the ‘Analogue warmth’ that many digital recordings often lack. You can read more about Analogue warmth here, but essentially passing your tracks through Analogue gear can help add 2nd and 3rd order harmonics to your tracks giving a greater sense of depth. That’s not to mention the sonic ‘punch’ a classic console such as the SSL 4000E console can introduce to your music.

What does this service include?

I will assign each of your stems to channels on my vintage SSL console and sum them to a mastering ready stereo file. Here are some service guidelines:

  • All stereo stems (audio tracks) must have the same starting point.
  • Maximum number of stereo stems per song = 16 stereo.
  • Maximum duration of each stem per song= 5 minutes.
  • We can accept stereo wav and aiff file formats at 44.1K and 48Khz, 16 and 24 bit.
  • Each stereo stem should be at the correct volume level and include all the processing and FX you added when mixing your track.
  • We will not provide any kind of editing as part of this service.
  • You can choose whether to add the sound of our console’s SSL Mix Bus Compressor to your mix.
  • Stereo stems should be sent to us via any secure file transfer service such as Dropbox or We Transfer
  • We will deliver a Stereo File of your summed mix at either 44.1K or 48K, 16 or 24 bit.
  • Rates are set at £40 per song at a maximum duration of 5 minutes
  • Contact us on indicating that you wish to use the analog summing service and how many songs you wish to have summed. You will receive a Paypal invoice. Once the amount is paid, we can accept your stereo stems ready for summing.
  • Anything outside the boundaries of these guidelines must be negotiated in advance.
  • Get in touch for further information: