'Milky Wimpshake are like The Fall or The Ramones - always different, always the same. Jason did that most important of things and captured the essence of the band, in recordings of the utmost sonic clarity.'
- Sean Price (Fortuna POP!)
Label Owner
'As a professional jazz musician and composer, Wanderlust Sound has been my first choice of studio for several years. Jason has great ears, listens carefully to my ideas, and can always get the sound I want. The vintage desk adds a warmth that I always need on my albums, and I have mixed several releases at Wanderlust. The country environment, too, is great for immersing yourself in the process. I thoroughly recommend Wanderlust to any musician seeking an excellent recording experience.'
Adam Fairhall
- Adam Fairhall
Jazz Pianist and Composer
Out of all the studios I have used in 10 years of performing music, Wanderlust Sound is by far the best. Jason Woolley has a collaborative approach to engineering and production that means you have as close to full control over the output as possible. For me this is very important as I have a very clear idea of how I want my music to sound but very little technical understanding of music technology. This didn't hinder the sessions at all, Jason talked us through his decision-making processes and was always open to experimenting and changing things based on our input. I would recommend Wanderlust Sound to any serious musician, and I think that the recordings speak for themselves.
A Assasins
Mike Walsh
Amateur assassins & Owte
Jason Woolley's mixing and recording work on my music has been excellent, I feel. He is a relaxed presence in the studio, which helps me to 'get in the zone' as a musician, and I have found that I trust him to be on top of his game when it comes to capturing the recordings. As to mixing what he has captured, Jason's expertise seems to me to also be outstanding: I have worked with countless producers and mix engineers over the last 25 years and more, including several staff members at the BBC, and I would rank Jason alongside these world-leading mixers. He is, in other words, capable of getting the power and energy which is required for the kind of music I play; but he is also admirably flexible in his approach, always seeking to ensure that his clients are enthusiastic about the sonic outcome he has achieved. Finally, I appreciate Jason's flexibility when it comes to pricing: the amount he has charged me for recording and mixing has been very fair and, most importantly, has been negotiated in a highly transparent and frank manner, which I very much appreciated. His studio itself is a pleasure to work in, with a relaxing vibe and a great acoustic.
milky wimpshake
Pete Dale
Milky Wimpshake